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Create a Win-Win Event with Group Travel Fundraising

Our Agency has partnered with several Cruise Lines to offer various fundraising cruise programs. When you book your group travel fundraising through Cedez Travel, your supporters enjoy a group cruise to an exotic destination, and a portion of their fare goes to your organization. You raise much-needed funds while giving supporters all the fun and excitement of a cruise vacation.

How the Fundraising Cruise Program Works:

Our cruise partners will either match your nonprofit’s portion of the cruise fare or provide up to $5 per passenger, per day. If desired, the nonprofit may mark up its portion more than $5 per person. In addition, for every 16 paying passengers, one free passenger will be added to your group, boosting the funds the nonprofit receives. You receive the contribution check(s) after the cruise, based on the number of cabins sold.

Minimum Program Requirements:

• Your nonprofit organization must carry a tax-exempt status of 501c(3) or 501c(6).

• A minimum of 8 cabins must be sold to qualify for matching funding.

• Your nonprofit organization should allow at least 6 to 9 months for creating and marketing the program.

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